Are you looking for a friend who went to the same school with you? Trying to trace the relatives that you haven’t seen in years? Regardless the reason you are looking for anyone, the Internet is here to help. We should be grateful to live in the digital era, everything is easier than ever. We can shop, connect to anyone and find anyone online.

Back in the day, there no way to trace and reconnect to them person who went missing or you have lost contact with, you can either wait them to show up or put out flyers and advertisement on newspaper. But today, the digital platform is not only helping us to complete the challenging task but also in a much simpler way. All you need to know is where to look.

There is tremendous growth in number of users in social media networks, Facebook, as the number 1 largest social media, is a good way to look for someone. However, don’t forget we have many other sites with big databases which will come in handy in finding someone as well. Let’s go through the steps below

Information Gathering

In this first step, you must gather as much information about the person as possible, and collect their photos as well. Remember, the more accurate the better. In the perfect scenario, you should at least know their full name and some rough ideas of where they lived and where they might have gone to. If you have no idea where to start, try the school year book or ask other friends who might knew them back then. If it’s your long-lost relative, you might want to check the photo albums and ask other relatives. You should be able to find out more information.

Google Search

Google almost knows everything on earth, why not start here? With tons of information publish on Google on daily basis, maybe your friend is featured in one of those. News, interviews, columns are things you can look into.

If your friend has a unique name, you might stand a higher chance in tracing by looking him or her with their real full name. Otherwise, the level of difficulty will be increased if you only have either their first name or last name, or they have very average name like John. Then, you might have to put in more effort in thinking more related keywords in Google search box. Look into the list of information you have, the name of their parents, spouse, children, work, company they worked with or even their hobbies or things they like such as gardening, singing or comics. As you have listed down the keywords, try different sets of combinations as well.

With the photos you have in hand, try Google’s reverse image search, too. This method shows you the result of look-alike pictures on all digital platforms, which might help you to take one step closer in reaching your goal.

Social Media Help

This is where social media come into the picture. With more than 5 billion monthly active users, Facebook is definitely the best place to start looking. However, as Facebook has tightened up their algorithm and allowed users to set their profile private, not all results will show upon request. That being said, Facebook is still the best choice as most users are using their real names to set up the profile.

Just log on to Facebook, and simply type in the person’s name in the search bar. Usually there are tons of results showing if the name is common. As you look through the list, try to pay attention to the profile picture displayed. If the profile picture is not a headshot, you may have to click into it and look through the person’s pictures to determine whether or not that’s the person you are looking. Also, if you see any pictures that look familiar, pay more attention by look through their profile, they might be the one who you are searching for.

Aside from the above, results showed other details like mutual friends, education or workplace as well as location. Just sort by “People” and you will see the results.

If all of steps above is not working out, it is time for you to ask your friends on Facebook. Go through your friend list and look for any person who might know the individual you are searching, they might have contacted or still connecting with him / her. Sending personal message with the information and pictures you have, to help them remember better. It is okay if they don’t know or can’t recall because they will most likely to help you spread the words and someone you have never thought of might response with useful information.

Alternatively, if your friend was active in any activities, sports, reading, dancing, try and search for the related clubs on Facebook because they might be one of the members or followers. Like the page of the club and try to publish a public message to the members and hopefully there is someone who can offer information.

While Twitter is not as popular as Facebook but it has high number of users as well and worth and shot. Just sign up for an account, if you don’t have one, start looking with the person’s full name. The results will be lining up for your examination.

Link On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the professional version of Facebook which most working professionals are connecting to one and another. You will have the advantage if you knew where was that person working in as LinkedIn offers more accurate information on this area compare to Facebook. Nevertheless, just like any other social media, this method will only work if your friend is an existing member of LinkedIn.

And just like Facebook, you must sign up in order to gain access to LinkedIn and look at the complete user’s database. As you sign in to LinkedIn, click on “Advanced” search and fill in the information you have about the person, as detail as possible. Once you have shortlisted the few possible ones, just like Facebook, connect to them and once they have accepted the request, you can look through their profile and send messages to them.

Electoral Roll

Most countries filed a list of registered voters for election. In America, the lists are generally keeping by the state’s government. This maybe one of the ways for you to search for your friend. Just visit websites such as or and check it out. Again, you must at least obtain some basic information of that person including full name and birth date, as the most essential ones. But bear in mind, you have only 10 free of charge searches a day, use it wisely. And if you see results that like most likely to match, you will have to pay to obtain their address and phone number.

Go To General Register Office

The government General Register Office has the record of their citizens. From birth to death certificates, marriage to adoption proof, the office keeps the record. This is especially helpful if the person you knew is married, had babies, adopted child or the least you hoped for, dead.

Speak To Charities

Although most charitable organizations only help in family-related searches, some of them are actually assisting this area. Amongst them are Salvation Army, Missing People, ASR, Reunite, Red Cross and even the police.  Otherwise, you can try to locate your friends by our site, or

Here are the ways to help you in searching your long-lost friends and relatives.  We are wishing you the best of luck to be united with the people you are looking for.