Thanks to the Almighty Internet, now you get to know someone before even you meet or talk to him/her. You get to learn about their likes and dislikes, their friends and family, their work and even their pets. After all, a blind date is not so blind in this digital era. In today’s world, a mobile number can get show you its owner’s name and address, and by Googling someone’s name, you’d be amazed just how much information you can get about one particular person.

There’s pros and cons in this situation, though. You will be starting to lose the mysterious feelings about a person, enticed to explore and wanting to know more. With the Internet available 24/7, you are always ready to hit the buttons and there’s information that you need. And we have gathered the people who speak from their experience. Internet-stalking has helped them to make conscious decision whether they should make or break a relationship. Let’s find out how interesting their journey was!

The Girl Who Hates Books

If you love books more than anything in the world, you definitely want to find someone who love book as well. Harley Biala used the tricks of internet-stalking and realized her up and come date hates book so much. To him, it is like the end of the world, until the extend that he had to call off the date and never spoken a single word to her ever since. Was he overreacting? Probably. But hey, since this is the only thing matters, it only makes sense when the requirement is not fulfilled and become the deal breaker.

The Man Who Uses Your Photo To Scam

We know this is the digital era. We know the mobile phone is no longer use for calls anymore. And we know some people just can’t help but taking selfie, wefie or whatever fie you call it. Kiara Imani had this weird experience with her date. She agreed to go out on a date with a guy she met on social media, her type of a guy. They had a great time together. Of course, a wefie is an order. Few days later, she decided to sort of check him out, digitally. Surprisingly, the guy she went out with used the photo they took together as his online dating profile picture! She confronted him later but guess what, he denied. Up until now, she is still confusing, he was using to photo to actually capture male or female audience? Only God… and the guy will know.

The Guy Who Lives On Mars

What if you are dating someone you really like and then when you decided to go a step further, you went on and Google him but all you found was a big fat zero? It is like you are dating an alien and his details are nowhere to be found. Although it seems a little creepy but ideally, you may imagine that you are dating a spy, James Bond kind of spy but then again, even if he is working for the CIA, he should have his artificial identity and background crafted, isn’t it? Becca Martin had this weird experience has never went on to a second date with that gentleman. However, she is still in consideration of whether she should see him again. Well, perhaps she really got herself a secret agent. Don’t be so cynical.

The Man Who Married And Has Criminal Record

Sometimes a little research before the date help, either not to put the hopes too high or decline the possibility all at once. Marisa Donnelly had one of the craziest dating experience of all time. She went out with a fine man who claimed to be 33 years old, single, hardworking and looking fabulous. 2 great dates later, she finally decided to take this relationship to the next level and wish to have a clearer understanding towards the man she was seeing. It turned out that the perfect gentleman is already in his late-forties with a legally-bonded wife. As a huge surprise, he has a criminal record! The relationship has been cut short without a goodbye. After all, how can you start a relationship which is primarily building on lies?

The Man Who Can’t Leave The Lobsters Alone

Paul Florez-Taylor dated the lobster guy. The first date was not intended at all, it was set up by his friends. So, he was supposed to go out with a decent-looking guy who is eloquent, charming with a little sense of humor. On the other side, he is an out-going person who loves almost all the outdoor activities. Furthermore, he is a lawyer. All of the above was comments came from the friends. Then, he decided to check him out on the cyber space. Everything was perfect, just like what they friends have been bragging about. However, as Paul went through his photos, he couldn’t help but realize this guys is insanely in love with lobster and dresses like one in most of his pictures. Halloween is a must, Lobster Fest in Maine, children’s party and even some of the insignificant occasions. Finally, the day come and they went out together. Paul hoped to lighten up the atmosphere during dinner by asking him if he would like to share a lobster. Much to Paul’s surprise, the guy’s eyes were wide open and claimed that he is allergic to lobster.

The Man Who Was Fast & Furious

An initial Tinder meet up got Kendra Sydra interested. With some precaution in mind and make sure the prince charming is not a serial killer in disguised, she went on investigate the man on Google. As usual, information overload! She found out the guy has driving under influence (DUI) and that his license is no longer valid. The investigation started with simply Googling, there’s his Facebook, LinkedIn with incomplete information, some photos, everything seemed normal. However, the real piece of information showed in page two. In the US, the traffic records are usually made public, therefore it caught Kendra’s eyes when she googled that guy with his full name and the city they were living in. the best part was, the guy didn’t know what happened and stated to make plans, and insisted to pick her up on the date. Of course, having so much information storing in her mind, the date never came.

The Girl Who Was A Professional Dominatrix

Not all people end up living happily ever after but some made friends even though they are not meant to be a couple. Decades ago, when Friendster and MySpace were still the in things, Angel Rodriguez met this beautiful woman through a friend. Then student, Angel, who was internet-savvy, tried to look her up digitally and there’s one big surprise awaited him. He found out that the lady was actually a professional dominatrix who provided services with charges. Angel was in awe because they got to know each other through a friend who works as a professional. Although he was amazed by the fact that the woman was leading a double life but he went out with her anyway. As a human being, we never stop learning, according to Angel. They have eventually become close friends, no whips, no candles required.

The Girl Who Was A Reality Star

There is not secret on the Internet. If you are a nobody, there’s something about you. And if you are somebody, there are always information about you. Rohil Aniruth met a pretty girl online who agreed to go on a date with him. With super high number of followers, he smells something fishy and went on to google her. It’s amazing that Rohil is about to went out with a reality star from Nigeria! She was on the way to conquer show biz in New York. Although she was a sweet girl but the date didn’t go far.

The Man Who Lives For Garfield

Google leads you to various social media platforms, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even YouTube. Robert W. Kingett tried to look his date up on Google with his email address and his YouTube channel came out on top of the list. He was super excited about his newly done bedroom which is filled with Garfield, not the amazing Spiderman Andrew Garfield but the orange stuffed doll. In the video, it is showed that this 40 years old’s room is almost fully covered by the cats, the walls, the floor and the ceiling. Odie did make a cameo by resting peacefully on a bright mahogany cupboard, along with an iPhone charger. Robert was overwhelmed with the Odie styled with a pirate-looking eye patch and a cap. At last, Robert decided to take this accountant to an Italian restaurant for a good time. They remain friends but he took own the video without realizing that he could’ve just make it private.

Internet gave us the connection, Google helped us to solve mysterious cases. It is amazing how useful they are when it comes to dating. The once assignment-oriented vehicle has evolved and we are now able to even research on our potential half. Use the tools wisely and it will save a lot of your time but at the end of the day, no one really knows what’s going on behind closed curtain. As the idiom says: don’t judge a book by its cover. You have to actually see the book in order to judge it.