When we first introduced to the Internet, it provided us the convenience of accessing information without limitation. As time goes by, social media took it up a notch by giving us the platforms to share our thoughts, ideas, photos as well as moments of our lives. It was a fun and carefree time we had as we believed what we shared online were supposed to be private, but it is not a closed event, after all. As the technology is advancing, nothing can be kept as a secret, especially when it comes to your shared items online. In some cases, the posts went viral and bring unthinkable effects.

As we live in the digital era, data is king. So, wherever you go online, it requires you to submit your personal information such as name, email address and phone number. And as these items are now interrelated, you’re unconsciously exposing your everything under the scrutiny of the world.

It is a common practice for us to use social media to engage people, either friends & family or unknown people from different places. It was okay to talk, share thoughts and ideas but as you’re entering the real world, as a working adult, everything changed. Social media become a more serious space for you to social and a dvancing your career. Here are nine reasons of why you should think before you post online.

You Have No Privacy
Since data is king, there are rumors spreading around saying that prominent sites such as Google and Facebook, as well as other sites, will soon turn your social data into public. Although this is not going to happen anytime soon as we see, you must understand anything and everything you put up in digital format, it is not private anymore. Thanks to the advanced technology, take a screenshot is just a click away and you’re the content you posted, be it texts or images, will be “shared” to your friends’ and the ones who are connected to them. There are no close-friends-only posts the minute you decided to publish the content online.

You Friends Have Their Circles
You might be surprised that some of your school friends are a friend of your colleague. Relationships are much more complicated than you can imagine, anyone is anyone’s friend. Although you have already changed the privacy settings in your social media, there is no guarantee that outsiders are strictly prohibited. In addition, as most online platforms are upgrading the privacy settings frequently, it might make it easier to look at your stuff for your friends or those mutual friends, accessing someone’s information does not require top notch spying tool, after all.

Online Content Lasts
Once upon a time, SnapChat was kind of cool as the images will be gone after few moments, but that is not the case today. For some skillful stalkers, there are various ways to keep the content and share with others. Screenshots, content sharing and some other social media’s archiving features making it almost effortless to save the content and make it go viral. It is exceptionally easy to gain access to your posts from last decade if the person is utilizing those online tools.

Your Posts Have No Place To Hide
You may have forgotten some negative thoughts you posted online 10 years ago but it will rise in front of your eyes within seconds. Major social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn have upgraded the search features to help and promote topics and issues that are in-trend. One simple hashtag and your content will appear, which means whatever you have posted online is much more searchable than ever by both insiders and outsiders.

Take Care Of Your Sense Of Humor
A joke brings different results from different audience. Yes, people around you told you a million times that you are funny, but that doesn’t mean everyone online gets your sense of humor. Texts are emotionless. When you try to tell a joke with cold texts, someone reads it with different tone and manners will interpret negatively. And when people are hurt, instead of confronting you with comments, they usually will tell their friends. You have no idea what happened, let alone apologize to the person who got offended. And before you notice, your jokes might have already ruined your reputation.

Your Boss Is Online
Your employer is just a human being, they are online as well. It has become a common practice for the employers to verify and evaluate their subordinates by taking their social media profiles into consideration. There are various criteria for them to look through your profiles, from measuring your potential in the organization to your feasibility of continuing to serve the company. For example, if you are portraying yourself as a nurturing leader material and your superior sees you degrading your friends or co-workers online, it definitely creates a negative impression and you will be questioned about your leadership skills.

Headhunters And Interviewers Are Scanning Candidates Online
Since the bosses are assessing the current employees through their social profiles, it comes as no surprise that the headhunters and interviewers to scan their candidates online. They might have already learned about you through your social media accounts before even the first meeting. Therefore, make sure your social media profiles are clean and decent. Minor mistakes such as stating graduation dates differently on your social accounts and resume can kill the job opportunity. Your future employers also would like to see someone who puts their act together, expressing what you love and be passionate in doing it. For instance, if you tell them you are fully committed to helping the veterans, but there is no proof of it online, they might begin to suspect your credibility.

Your Business Associates Search Online
Since almost everyone is online, you can assume that your business partners are surfing online, too. Clients want to associate with someone who is the best in the business, and your competitors are smart enough to gather your information through your social accounts and launch attack against you, to make them look good. And if the content you post online is not in-sync with their belief, your value drops and they will start looking for someone else for replacement. Also, your suppliers might be turned off and denying the possibilities of giving special discounts or better resources when they find disgraceful information you share online.

Your Reputation Is Your Currency
A business transaction is based on currency, the relationships build upon your reputation. Therefore, the more credible you are, the higher value you possess. Maximize your value by expressing your positive values, stance, belief, and services , whether it’s interpersonal or cyber conversation. You are risking your credibility by saying and acting differently and eliminating your chances in succeeding in the future.

Many people are avoiding social media for reasons listing above. But fear of making mistakes, eliminating social media brings no benefits in any way. Better yet, try to embrace the digital culture, be consistent with your beliefs, values, and interests. You will find social media is not as dangerous as it sounds.