Just met someone and curious about his/her background? Wish to locate old friends or family members? Looking for a way to search for a person’s social media profiles on a single site?

These reasons are why we built personsearchfind.com. Although it’s very basic at its core, our Google-powered search has an emphasis for finding profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and others.

While basic in nature, our site makes it extremely convenient to access public record information from around the web. By entering a person’s basic information such as name and location (country, state, city or area code) in the search fields, we’ll find you the closest matches you can get along with a small thumbnail image for quickly reviewing relevancy – the thumbnails are (hopefully!) profile images of the person.

By running a quick search, you’ll occasionally find personal data such as marital status, family, and relatives, to more explicit ones such as criminal and arrest records, mug shots, and testimonials. Hopefully our site helps people stay safe, as well as being informational.

To sum it up, our search is exceptionally useful to find out details on just about anyone in the world: someone you’re dating, a friend, colleague, someone you just met, or people you have known a long time. Even celebrities and politicians are included! You might be surprised to see the results, and might think twice before posting those awkward Instagram pics 🙂